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The Neri jewellery boutique was founded in Piacenza in 1990, but its roots go back to the end of the XIX century.

In 1881, Neri Colombo opened the eponimous fashion studio, producing and selling bespoke shirts and accessories. His wife Santina worked with him at the atelier, and when Colombo passed away she moved the business into a new building she built in 1904, which today hosts the jewellery boutique.

In recent years, Colombo and Santina’s nephew Bruno started to work as marketing consultant for luxury brands. In 1990 he started to produce and sell jewellery and high jewellery pieces in collaboration with master goldsmiths and laboratories.

Over the years, the Neri jewellery business has built strong relationships with artisanal laboratories, expanding the business in the Emilia-Romagna region with another flagship store in Parma during the first decade of 2000s.

The Neri jewellery boutique celebrates its 30th year in business in 2020. Now as then, our mission is giving light, colour and shape to your desires.

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